Historical Society Opportunity

Dear Friends:

The Pulaski County Historical Society is in the process of submitting a grant application to the State of Indiana to repair the west wall of the Opera House and to replace the large entry doors into Opera House Floral and Gifts. We received a significant grant from the Community Foundation of Pulaski County, but we still lack $4,700 from having a 50% match (required before we can submit the grant application).

Here are links to the donation pledge form for the Pulaski County Historical Society.  Donation Pledge Form

This form is set up to allow friends to “pledge” to give. While we do not need to have the money in hand right now, we must have – at the very least – a form that states you “pledge” to give to the project. If you choose to give, that form must be returned to us, either via mail or email, to submit with the grant application. (We can make copies of checks or credit card donations also!)

Thank you so much for considering this request!

Ryan Harrison, President