Beginnings of Historical Society

Organization of Historical Society to be Considered

A meeting to consider the organization of a Pulaski County Historical Society will be held next Monday evening at eight o’clock at the Winamac public library.

All interested citizens are invited to attend, and it is expected that each township and community of the county will be represented.

Hubert H. Hawkins, director of the Indiana Historical Bureau in Indianapolis, will meet with the group and discuss the purposes of a county historical society. Nearly sixty of the state’s ninety-two counties now have such organizations.

Arrangements for the meeting are being made by Mrs. Mary Powers, county home agent, and Mrs. Sarah Baker, librarian here.

Interest in the formation of a historical society was stimulated this Spring by a series of programs by the Home Demonstration clubs on the “History of Pulaski County”. It is also hoped a local society may be formed to co-operate next year in the observance of the Sesqui-Centennial anniversary of the state.

Pulaski County Democrat 17 June 1965

Plans Made For Forming History Group

Organization of a Pulaski County Historical Society is being planned following a meeting Monday evening at which a group of interested persons heard Hubert H. Hawkins, director of the Indiana Historical Bureau explain the purposes and functions of a county society.

Another general meeting has been scheduled for Monday, July 26, at which officers are to be elected and other matters pertaining to the formal organization will be considered. A nominating committee was appointed Monday. Members are Mrs. Russell Nale of Star City, Mrs. Jerry Eskridge of Monterey and Roy Master of Harrison Township.

In his remarks, Mr. Hawkins stated that sixty-five of the state’s ninety-two counties maintain historical societies with a combined membership of more than 15,000 persons. Each county group is an organization unto itself and not affiliated with the Indiana Historical Society, he pointed out.

Local societies collect and preserve the diaries, letters and various records which constitute the “raw material” of their community’s history, Mr. Hawkins explained. Other projects cited were to encourage the writing and publication of articles, pamphlets and books on local history; mark historical sites and points of interest; provide material on local history to schools; operate local museums.

Terming a county historical society a community asset, the speaker stated it fosters county and community pride and provides pleasure and satisfaction to its members.

Mr. Hawkins expressed the hope that the efforts to organize a Pulaski county society would be successful. Such an organization can perform a service for the community that no other agency can do, he concluded.

Six of the twelve townships of the county were represented at the meeting Monday, which was held at the Winamac public library. The speaker was introduced by Richard Dodd of Winamac, who served as temporary chairman during a discussion period that followed Mr. Hawkins address.

Any residents of the county interested in the society and who were not able to be present Monday are requested to inform Mrs. Mary Powers at the County Extension office in the court house so that they may be advised of future meetings.

Pulaski County Journal 24 June 1965

Historical Group Plans Organization: Committees Named

Plans for the organization of a Pulaski County Historical Society were furthered Monday night at a meeting of thirty interested residents of eight of the county’s twelve townships. The session was held at the Winamac public library.

A resolution favoring the organization was unanimously adopted by the group. A number of expressions of opinions on the merits of the chapter were presented by those in attendance. Organization is expected to be completed at a meeting tentatively scheduled for Oct. 25.

Committees appointed to proceed with the organization are: By-laws–Gerald Shank, Winamac; Mrs. Zera Howe, Medaryville; Mrs. Mary Carpenter, Star City; Richard Zellers, Pulaski. Nominating–Roy Master, Harrison township; Mrs. Clara Zehner, Monterey; Mrs. Russell Nale, Star City. Serving as temporary officers are Richard Dodd, chairman, and Mrs. Mary Powers, secretary.

Pulaski County Journal 29 July 1965

Organization of Historical Society Held

Formal organization of a Pulaski County Historical Society was completed Monday evening at a meeting of interested citizens, held at the Winamac public library.

The society begins with an initial membership of thirty-three persons who joined at the conclusion of the meeting Monday. The period for charter membership will continue until Jan. 24 when the next meeting will be held.

Membership in the society is open to anyone interested in the purposes of the society. Dues are $2 a year for adults and $1 for junior (under twenty-one years of age) members. Business places, association, families and school classes may join as sustaining members for which dues are $2 per year.

Quarterly Meetings Planned. The society will hold four regular meetings each year, on the fourth Monday of January, April, July and October. The October meeting will be devoted to the business of the organization while programs relating to the history of Pulaski County will be presented at other meetings.

A proposed constitution was presented by Gerald Shank, chairman of the constitution and by-laws committee, and was unanimously adopted. It set forth as the purpose of the society: “The promotion of historical study and research in the history of the state of Indiana and the County of Pulaski: the collection, collation, preservation, and publication, if possible, of historical facts pertaining to the state of Indiana and the County of Pulaski; the dissemination of historical information of the State and county by means of programs, special newspaper articles, co-operation with the schools of the county in the teaching of state and local history; to encourage the study of the past and to be cognizant of current events that seem to be of historical significance; to collect articles of historical significance for the permanent possession of the Pulaski County Historical Society; the co-operation with the county libraries in the up building of separate Indiana and local history sections; the establishment of the county library and museum and the marking of historical places of interest through-out the county, and to receive bequests to further the work of the society.”

Officers Are Elected. A slate of officers was presented by Roy Master, chairman of the nominating committee. Those elected are: President, Richard R. Dodd; vice president, Richard L. Zellers; secretary, Mrs. Mary Powers; treasurer, Mrs. Ellen Landrum.

Various aspects of the work and responsibilities of the society were discussed. It was pointed out that the broad field of local history contains a wide range of subjects of interest to individual members. They vary from antiques and Indian lore to genealogy and current events of historical significance, among others.

Committees to carry out the work of the society in the communities and townships of the county, and in fields of interest to members are to be appointed.

Persons desiring to become charter members of the society are invited to notify Mrs. Powers, county home agent, Winamac, along with payment of dues.

Formation of the local historical society this year was stimulated by the interest shown through programs on Pulaski County history presented at home demonstration clubs last spring. Three preliminary meetings were held prior to the organization this week.

Pulaski County Journal 28 Oct 1965